Experience in 3.5 days the path to awareness, openness and choice.

Become aware of the things that are happening in your life. How open and honest are you really, both with yourself and with others? Discover what you can choose in your life. 

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The Weekend has given me insights that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I am very grateful to Gerard and Wim!


In 20 years of business working for multinational companies I have never experienced such an impactful workshop. The Weekend unlocked an awareness which transformed my approach to both professional and personal life.

What is
The Weekend?

During this intensive four-day training course, you will make a personal journey with the aim of increasing your self-awareness. 

We create a completely safe environment with confrontational exercises that trigger a profound learning process. From within this group process, you explore your personal fears, self-image and defence mechanisms at your own pace.

As a result, you will be able to make more conscious choices and focus your attention on living your life exactly the way you want it. As a group you will create a profound and trustworthy connection with each other.

For whom is The Weekend?

It's for anyone curious about important issues in his or her life.

  • You want to experience more fulfilment in your life or work
  • You sometimes feel like you are losing control
  • You are facing an important choice in your life
  • You want to make different choices in your life or work
  • You want to experience more happiness in your relationships
  • You experience stress but are not so sure how to deal with it

Will you give this as a gift to yourself or a colleague?

The next edition is scheduled for 16 - 19 october 2024

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Become self-aware

  • Behave more authentically 
    Because you can be completely open to yourself
  • Communicate more effectively 
    Because you know what you need to really be able to listen
  • Make relationships happier
    Because you know what your needs are in them
  • Embrace your emotions
    Because you understand where they come from
  • Create a happy life
    Because you can see what your real options are
  • Control your stress
    Because you know which defence mechanisms you use
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5 ways of becoming more aware

  • Non-verbal exercises
    Physical exercises to bring unconscious feelings and thoughts to the surface
  • Structured interaction 
    Interactive exercises to discover unconscious feelings
  • Visualisation
    Guided meditations to expose unconscious feelings
  • Self-testing 
    Quantitative investigation into behaviour, feeling and self-image
  • Feedback rounds
    Observations from others to broaden your perspective

What are the costs?

* To make participation possible for everyone, we have a few spots available for private participants and freelancers at a reduced rate. Our belief is that everyone deserves this experience and should be able to participate. Please contact us to learn more about this.

We have a strict satisfaction guarantee. We only want to be paid if we have actually helped you further in your life.

The Weekend is a training with which employers invest sustainably in the talent of their people. Confident employees are more proactive, use more of their potential and above all enjoy their work. There are also opportunities for customized in-company programs in which we combine the power of The Weekend with 1-on-1 coaching.

Price is ex VAT. 

€2350 per participant*


1-on-1 coaching session
Food and beverages
Joint dinner
Satisfaction guarantee

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What do participants say?

Achieve sustainable results

  1. Self-awareness (The Weekend)
    Self-awareness is the foundation from which people develop and thus the key ingredient for happiness and success.
  2. Result
    Self-awareness leads to better skills and a proactive, confident attitude. As a result, people are able to sustainably improve their performance at work.
  3. Coaching

    Self-awareness makes people more coachable. With openness, defence mechanisms no longer get in the way of effective communication.

  • Proven Concept
    The Weekend is based on the leading theories of FIRO and Co-active. Our coaches Gerard Kemps and Wim Faassen have facilitated The Weekend more than 50 times.
  • FIRO Report
    The Weekend provides a comprehensive analysis in which the participant quantitatively reveals where his or her attention needs to be focused. This is a valuable starting point for further personal development.
  • Risk Free
    The Weekend has a satisfaction guarantee. There will be no charge if a participant is not satisfied with the experience. This, by the way, has never happened.
  • Sustainable Result
    The Weekend enables participants to work with more confidence, energy and enjoyment. This is the basic constructive attitude that leads to sustainably improved performance.

What do employers say?

About the trainers

Wim Faassen is married to Heleen and has two daughters, Jet & Sara. He loves VW T2’s, PSV, mountain biking and walking in the woods. As a farmer's son, he knows about hard work. As an industrial engineer, he oversees the bigger picture. As a coach, he sees the perfect intention in every person. And as an entrepreneur, he always looks for win-win-win.
Gerard Kemps is married to Marijke and has two daughters, Roos & Margriet, one son Bram and two beautiful grandchildren. He loves Tintin, classical & heavy metal music and his Japanese garden. Although he could retire, he doesn’t want to stop working because he is so driven and feels blessed to be able to help other people.

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